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Professional Legal Services in Pennsylvania

Immediate Action in Complex Cases
For more than 40 years, the law firm of Killian & Gephart LLP has represented clients in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

Our focus is on serving professionals, businesses and politicians in criminal defense and other legal matters that have put reputations, careers and futures at risk. These matters tend to be both urgent and complex. Our attorneys have built a reputation for effectively addressing these matters. This reputation is reinforced by the fact that the majority of our clients are referred to us from general counsel or other attorneys who are more than confident in our abilities.

Rapid Mobilization: Taking Action Now, Not Later
At our law firm, our goal is to protect our clients' best interests. When it comes to the legal matters that our lawyers handle, that protection requires rapid mobilization. We begin immediately in order to fully take advantage of every opportunity available to us.

Our practice areas include criminal law matters, from defending against white collar crime charges to representing clients during grand jury investigations. We handle business litigation, employment law and licensing issues, as well as a wide range of other matters that require the attention of a law firm of our caliber. Our lawyers have represented as many clients in front of grand juries and other proceedings as those at law firms that are many times our size.

Professionalism, Discretion and Efficiency
We display professionalism in every action we take, working to meet the highest standards while keeping our clients informed on the progress of their case. Because so many of our cases involve sensitive issues that may adversely impact our clients' standing in the community, we make it a point to provide discreet representation in every case.

For further discussion of a specific legal matter, please contact us to review your case with an experienced lawyer.

Regarding referrals: We take the utmost care in handling cases referred to us by general counsel and other law firms, and we respect the bonds our fellow attorneys have with their clients. We would appreciate the opportunity to lend our experience to complex cases. From our office in Harrisburg, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and the United States.


The law firm of Killian & Gephart, LLP serves clients in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Carlisle, Washington D.C., Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Lebanon County, York County, Lancaster County, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

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