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NRC/OI Investigations

NRC/OI Investigations Lawyer
Beginning with the investigations stemming from the 1979 Three Mile Island accident, the attorneys at Killian & Gephart LLP have represented operators of nuclear power plants in Nuclear Regulatory Commission/Office of Investigations (NRC/0I) probes and related criminal and administrative proceedings. Killian & Gephart LLP is aware of the toll these proceedings can exact on companies and individuals. Our firm strives to resolve all NRC issues as discreetly and expeditiously as possible.

Experienced Representation of Nuclear Power Plants in NRC/OI Investigations, and Related
Criminal and Administrative Proceedings

Killian & Gephart LLP's NRC investigation lawyers provide advice and representation to nuclear power plant employees during NRC/OI investigations, grand jury investigations, Congressional inquiries, NRC enforcement proceedings, and ADR mediations.

The firm has extensive experience advising nuclear energy clients about NRC regulations, individual licensing issues, and enforcement actions. We provide experienced legal representation during proceedings and investigations initiated in response to the Atomic Energy Act, NRC regulations, utility procedures, whistleblower or employee concerns' (ECP) complaints, and federal criminal statutes. Because the majority of the firm's business is a result of attorney referrals from corporate counsel or outside counsel to the utility, Killian & Gephart LLP works as closely as possible with counsel to fully understand the big picture, including the legal, political, and regulatory issues that may impact the client.

The firm is available to assist with criminal or civil nuclear facility investigations including:

  • Advising employees during internal corporate investigations, including ECP-related investigations
  • Representing nuclear operators, senior reactor operators, engineering staff, and management during grand jury investigations
  • Representing nuclear energy personnel during OI investigations
  • Defending clients targeted for NRC enforcement proceedings
  • Counseling clients through ADR mediations
  • Advising clients about regulatory compliance violations, including individual licensing problems

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Visit Killian & Gephart LLP's contact page to have your case reviewed by an experienced NRC investigation attorney. From their law offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Killian & Gephart attorneys immediately travel to their client's door to get up to speed on cases requiring urgent action. Past cases have brought them throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, and more.

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