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Federal Grand Jury & Corporate Investigations

Killian & Gephart LLP has represented clients in criminal, corporate, and regulatory investigations and prosecutions including federal and state grand jury investigations, state attorneys general investigations, regulatory enforcement proceedings, forfeiture proceedings, and state and federal criminal prosecutions.

While other defense law firms hire former prosecutors, Killian & Gephart LLP has a long history of hiring accomplished criminal defense attorneys, who know how to respond to complex matters skillfully and effectively. Our attorneys are adept at analyzing facts, conducting hard-hitting interviews, and reviewing thousands of documents to find the relevant evidence that will make a difference in an investigation's outcome.

Federal Grand Jury Proceedings
Grand juries are often convened to investigate complex criminal charges involving public corruption, mail fraud, bribery, and other federal crimes. Because people who are subpoenaed by a federal grand jury cannot be accompanied by a lawyer into the grand jury room, it is important that they are fully briefed by an experienced criminal attorney before they testify, and fully debriefed when they finish testifying. (In state or county grand jury proceedings your attorney can appear with you when you testify.) Whether you believe you are a target of the investigation, or simply a witness, our attorneys can explain your constitutional rights, explain how to exercise your rights, and provide advice on your options when called before a grand jury. Careful legal representation may result in no indictment being issued, or an indictment on lesser charges.

Corporate Investigations
Killian & Gephart LLP's attorneys also advise corporations and individuals about how to avoid potential liability by creating or evaluating the effectiveness of corporate compliance programs. With the right tools, businesses can reduce the likelihood of employee misconduct and promote early identification of potential problems. The firm believes the best lawsuit is the one you avoid.

Killian & Gephart's criminal law attorneys are available to defend and protect clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conducting internal investigations or representing key employees during investigations of alleged misconduct
  • Representing corporate officers, directors, or management employees during grand jury investigations or after a grand jury indictment
  • Preparing clients for grand jury proceedings
  • Defending criminal and regulatory enforcement actions brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney's offices, the Securities and Exchange
  • Commission (SEC), the Department of Defense (DOD), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state Attorneys General offices, and other federal and state regulatory agencies
  • Designing and maintaining compliance programs that meet regulatory recommendations
  • Defending against federal criminal charges and handling issues involving the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Representing clients in NRC/OI investigations
  • Representing clients in federal investigations involving white collar crime
  • Much of Killian & Gephart LLP's business comes from attorney referrals because of the stellar reputation the firm enjoys throughout the east coast. Referring attorneys and clients appreciate the firm's ability to mobilize and respond quickly, as well as the discretion they exercise in protecting the client's privacy.

Our criminal defense attorneys also represent clients who have been criminally charged with or indicted for white-collar crimes, such as mail fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, Medicare fraud, tax fraud, embezzlement, employee theft, bribery, public corruption, racketeering, and other felonies.

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From their law offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Federal grand jury and corporate investigation lawyers of Killian & Gephart LLP immediately travel to their client's door to get up to speed on cases requiring urgent action. Past cases have brought them throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, and more. Visit Killian & Gephart LLP's contact page or fill out the criminal law intake form to have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney.


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