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False allegations

Defending Individuals against False Accusations of Sex Crimes
As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we are fully aware that not every allegation of sexual assault is legitimate. In many cases, people can be falsely accused due to mistakes or misunderstandings. Sometimes, accusations are cynical attempts to gain the upper hand in a divorce or some other dispute.

Defending false allegations can be a challenging matter. At the law firm of Killian & Gephart LLP in Harrisburg, our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience. We are up to the challenge of protecting the reputations, careers and futures of professionals who have been falsely accused of rape, sex abuse, statutory rape, inappropriately touching a minor or a similar crime.

Immediate Action in Every Case
Our lawyers understand that a person does not necessarily have to be convicted of a sex crime to suffer serious damage. We will move quickly to mitigate any damage that may be caused by the accusations alone. There may be newspaper articles. There may be negative publicity. We mobilize rapidly to defend clients in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

We Get to the Truth
The easiest way to provide a full defense against false allegations of sex crimes is to get to the truth. Sometimes, determining the truth is as simple as having our client take a confidential lie detector test. Sometimes, that is not enough.

We will investigate the situation. Our case will be built on the truth of our client's life, demonstrating that this is a person who would not commit this type of crime. We will look at the person making the accusation, determining who they are and whether ulterior motives may have been involved. We will get to the facts you need to defend yourself.

Contact the Firm
Killian & Gephart LLP provides false allegations' defense to professionals. Contact us to review your case with a member of our team.

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