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Environmental Law

Environmental Law Attorneys Experienced in Regulatory Compliance and Litigation
Killian & Gephart LLP assists businesses in many legal fields; one area requiring tremendous discretion is environmental law. Over the past 40 years of work, the environmental law attorneys of Killian & Gephart LLP have handled complex environmental law matters on behalf of manufacturing and industrial companies doing business or having an interest in a Pennsylvania transaction. In all cases, the firm's central aim has been minimizing clients' damages, in terms of both money and publicity.

Of course, not all environmental law matters involve regulatory compliance. Killian & Gephart LLP's environmental law attorneys often assist clients who are unhappy with other parties responsible for unacceptable environmental work, such as their failure to satisfactorily design a remediation system for a landfill. Often, both types of cases are involved, as a company accused of alleged environmental violations or cleanup infractions must bring suit against contractors and subcontractors involved in the matter.

In all, the lawyers of Killian & Gephart LLP have experience assisting companies with:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Permit violations
  • Statutory penalties
  • Illegal dumping
  • Environmental crimes
  • Landfill remediation disputes
  • Alleged violations of environmental regulations, and more.

Perhaps as important as discretion to the firm's environmental law clients is Killian & Gephart LLP's ability to mobilize quickly and begin work on a sensitive, urgent matter that affects the client's relationship with the regulator. The lawyers of Killian & Gephart LLP have the experience and ability to rapidly get to work on any environmental problem, no matter how large. Although the firm stands ready to try any large-scale environmental case; most disputes can reach a discreet, timely resolution as per the client's wishes.

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Because Killian & Gephart LLP's lawyers have such a breadth of experience, clients satisfied with the firm's assistance in environmental matters often return for assistance in business litigation, business planning and formation, real estate, and white collar criminal defense. Both attorneys and representatives of businesses should visit Killian & Gephart's contact page to learn more about Killian & Gephart LLP's environmental law practice. With law offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the firm's environmental law attorneys regularly serve companies doing business anywhere in Pennsylvania, as well as in Washington DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio and more.


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