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Emplyment Law & Licensing

Employment Representation for Professionals and Unions
For professionals and labor unions, legal issues involving employment matters can arise at any time. An attorney must have advanced experience in these unique matters. At the Harrisburg-based law firm of Killian & Gephart LLP, we draw on more than 40 years of experience to get results in even the most urgent and complex employment law matters.

Overcoming the Challenges That Face Professional Employees
When representing professionals in employment matters, our lawyers are able to handle everything from helping physicians and other professionals review and negotiate non-compete agreements prior to joining a practice to assisting executives in reviewing the terms of employment agreements.

Representing Unions in all Employment Law Matters
We have experience representing labor unions in the large scale employment law matters that unions must regularly address. From issues that impact individual members of the union to those that impact the union as a whole, our lawyers have the ability to look out for the best interests of every worker involved.

Handling Professional Licensing Issues
When professionals, from physicians to fellow attorneys, face professional licensing issues, our attorneys can help. If a license, and thus a career, is in jeopardy, whether it is because of criminal charges or some form of professional misconduct, we can take effective, discreet action.

Our attorneys also represent professionals in hearings before the appropriate licensing agency. We will take every action within the law to ensure that any damage to your professional standing is minimized.

Contact the Firm
Killian & Gephart LLP has the experience to represent professionals and unions in all complex employment law matters. Contact us to review your case with one of our employment law attorneys.

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