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Embezzlement charges

Defense Against Employee Theft Charges
At the law firm of Killian & Gephart LLP, we began providing criminal defense representation to clients in Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania in 1968. Since then, we have made it a priority to defend those facing complex criminal charges such as embezzlement and theft.

Our attorneys are able to take immediate action in these cases. We know that reputations, careers and futures are on the line. We are here to protect them.

Embezzlement is a Serious Charge
Embezzlement is a form of theft, and the repercussions are similar. The biggest difference between embezzlement and other forms of theft involves the chain of evidence that is often involved in embezzlement cases. Many situations involve allegations that money was stolen by an employee over the course of a great deal of time. Our lawyers know how to work with complex evidence to build an effective defense strategy.

Whether the allegations involve bookkeepers siphoning off money by creating false accounts, partners paying bills that do not exist or anything similar, our attorneys will take immediate action.

Trusted by Our Peers in the Legal Community
The majority of our cases come to us from general counsel and other law firms. Our peers in the legal community refer cases to us because they are aware of our reputation for achieving results in cases involving allegations of embezzlement and similar white collar crimes. They are aware of our history of providing aggressive and discreet representation to serve our clients' interests.

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