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Business Litigation Lawyers Experienced In Large-Scale Cases
The business litigation lawyers of Killian & Gephart LLP have dealt with hundreds of complex cases in multiple federal, state, and appellate courts. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience with trials, arbitration, settlement negotiations, and complex electronic discovery concerns. Over Killian & Gephart's more than 40 years of experience, the firm has worked in a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Business formation
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Breach of contract
  • Construction disputes
  • Engineering or professional services disputes
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Minority shareholder rights
  • Environmental law
  • Regulatory disputes
  • Civil fraud, theft, and RICO
  • Civil rights actions

Many cases handled by Killian & Gephart LLP's attorneys have been complicated, protracted affairs. Business breakups, in particular, can be contentious and hard-fought disputes requiring aggressive and experienced business litigation lawyers. Killian & Gephart LLP's reputation for skilled work in and out of courtrooms has resulted in a majority of the firm's clients coming through attorney referrals.

Perhaps most important for the firm's business clients is Killian & Gephart LLP's ability to mobilize quickly and immediately begin work on a case. Each case is unique, and the firm's business litigation lawyers can marshal a tremendous amount of technical and scientific knowledge to resolve the inevitable statistical or technical issues involved.

Having worked for hundreds of businesses and prominent executives, Killian & Gephart LLP also understands the importance of discretion. In much commercial litigation, it is vitally important to protect the company's image while aggressively fighting to protect its interests. The firm's attorneys also know the importance of cost-effectiveness in all business dealings, including litigation, and always keep an eye toward costs.

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From law offices in Harrisburg, Killian & Gephart LLP regularly assists businesses throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Connecticut and Ohio. To contact one of the firm's business litigation lawyers, fill out a business litigation intake form or visit Killian & Gephart's contact page.

The law firm of Killian & Gephart, LLP serves clients in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Carlisle, Washington D.C., Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Lebanon County, York County, Lancaster County, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

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